À La Carte





Chef Lowell’s à la carte service is crafted for active families and individuals seeking delicious, well-balanced meals without the hassle. Here’s a quick guide to the terms:

Delivery Schedule: Orders are delivered early on Sunday mornings between 7a – 11a.

Minimum Order: A $100 minimum on food is required for checkout.

Order Deadlines: For Sunday delivery, place your order by 8:00 AM on the preceding Friday.

Delivery Details: Meals are delivered to the front door of the provided shipping address without direct interaction—no door ringing, calls, or texts.

Gate Access: If your residence has a gate, please provide access instructions by calling 404-852-3413 ahead of delivery.

Entry Wait Time: A maximum wait of five minutes for entry is allowed before moving on.

Missed Deliveries: If delivery isn’t possible, no second attempt will be made. Instead, meals can be picked up on Tuesday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM or at another prearranged time.

This service is designed to make eating well both convenient and enjoyable, fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyl